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Vaga de UX Strategist
Loggi em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

UX Strategist

Loggi is building an entirely new class of logistics: a last-mile solution powering same day delivery and blurring the line between online and offline for retail.

We're working hard to leapfrog hundreds of years of poor infrastructure investment. We are positive that our effort is a net gain for the world and that it is, and will keep on making, a large impact in emerging markets. Our work is original, hence our challenges are unique. Your work is reflected daily in the thousands of drivers whose life Loggi is changing, as well as in the many customers who are surprised to receive timely and predictable service.

Our product has incredible complexity as it weaves online and offline elements, software and physical services, and interfaces with both business and end-consumers. It is the focal point for an operational, sales and engineering-heavy company.

Since launch, we are growing aggressively. We're laser focused on product and user experience, and intend to stay that way.

As a UX Strategist you'll be in charge of researching, planning and designing solutions to the problems we face, both as a company as well as from our user's perspectives.. You'll work from the company's strategic vision to low fidelity prototypes. You'll lead and collaborate with several heterogeneous teams and user bases. You'll be capable of thinking what's next for the business while making pragmatic decisions

We expect you to not only to solve problems, but more importantly, to explore problems worth solving. You can argue your ideas from senior level management to end-users with assertiveness and cool.

Design degree it is not obligatory, but must posses relevant experience for the position.

We believe different people think differently, which leads us to diverse solutions and new ways of making it happen. We are committed with diversity in multiple ways: race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion and disability. Join the transformation!

You're proficient in the following practices

  • Use case & scenarios
  • User flow
  • User stories
  • Stakeholders interview
  • Task analysis
  • Value proposition
  • Consumer map
  • Competitive audit
  • Content audit
  • Shadowing
  • Wireframes & prototypes
  • Usability testing & validations
  • Metric analysis
  • Others (what are we missing?)


  • An excellent communicator, from written to verbal skills, you can present your ideas clearly and listen to others carefully.
  • Self-driven: can manage your own work and time. We don't micro-manage, but still expect high-throughput output from your work
  • Have a positive, open attitude towards work and life. We deal with difficult problems all the time. Attitude trumps everything.
  • Can deal with a high-pressure environment and conflicting expectations.
  • A perfectionist but knows when to let go.
  • Analytical, can plan and extract meaning out of data, both user interaction and business metrics.
  • Are looking for long term commitment, an opportunity to help build a great product in depth and detail.

We provide:

  • A work environment that values throughput, commitment and vision.
  • Fun, laid-back environment in a fast paced startup.
  • Feedback and brainstorming directly with the founders. No bureaucracy, no bull****.
  • Competitive compensation based on your experience.
  • Freedom to contribute to our workflow and process.

You will be part of Design team and will work directly with several different teams to deliver your results: Engineering, Customer Experience, Finance, Sales and Drivers.

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  • Há aproximadamente 1 ano

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    EstagiárioEx-funcionário, saiu em 2016

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Massagem, empresa bem colorida, salário para estágio bom. Ademais, acredito que pontos positivos na Loggi são para aqueles protegidos por pessoas de alto cargo.

    Contras: Empresa extremamente desorganizada. Dizem que ligam para o funcionário mas é mentira. Não se importam em avaliar coordenadores e gerentes, na sua grande maioria HORRÍVEIS como gestores. Gestores altamente DESQUALIFICADOS. Empresa onde pode-se identificar pessoas de baixo cargo com QI mil vezes maior do que pessoas que estão na liderança da empresa. PRINCIPAL: IMAGEM FALSA DE QUE É UMA BOA EMPRESA PARA CRESCER. Cresce quem tem contato, é demitido quem fala o que pensa (sem ofensas, sem nada absurdo). Ah, e é longe... demais!

    Conselhos para presidência: Mudem tudo, desde diretores, até gerentes. Começa por aí, a partir daí, tem muito mais coisa.

    Recomenda a empresa: Não

  • Há 21 dias

    Melhor empresa!

    Ex-funcionário, saiu em 2016

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Melhor empresa que já trabalhei! Possibilidade de crescimento. Empresa ágil, moderna e Um ambiente mais do que agradavel. Metas atingíveis. Respeito por todos.

    Contras: Por um tempo ficou em Barueri mas mudou para a Avenida Paulista facilitando muito o transporte, passávamos muito muito muito tempo no transito.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim