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Vaga de Supply & Demand Analyst III
Cargill em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Supply & Demand Analyst III


Position Purpose & Summary:
Transform more than 2 crops knowledge (crops physiology, productions, farmers
mindset capture from different sources in the market, with our team in the
countryside and from his/her own wisdom) into businesses insights (as reports,
formal and/or informals conversations, or brief studies) to the commercial,
trading and logistic teams to leverage BU, Platform and Cargill competitive
advantage. The analyze of the crops production (area and yields), the update
and the challenge of the results into the S&Ds and team databases, the studies
of the farmer economics (production costs) and responsibility for the Cargill
Long Term forecast are mandatory in this position. Besides it, the support of
the other crop analysts on their studies, the orientation/advise of the other
younger analysts, and the leadership in the usage/buiding/improving of the
GOSC countryside network channel to gather data and market knowledge are also

-More than 2 Crop Analysis (Crop Trips, S&D Updates, Farmer economics, stocks survey, long term forecast studies).
Run/create/challenge medium to complex crop models, link it to weather
forecast and write/analyze and send crop reports finalize the important
functions of this role. Adding to it, responsible to bring insights to the
traders worldwide and coach the analysts the way to do it (weather call, crop
reports, stocks and crop analysis), to analysis/challenge the grains stocks
and farmer selling, the sponsor of the frequent read of market and benchmarks
reports, and be the link with outside market and benchmarks supporting and
coaching the other analysts are also functions of this role. Travel to the
main Brazilian crop regions to gather primary data and intelligence direct
from the farmers and local experts, thus the agronomical background plays an
important role. Responsible to run and deliver the Long Term Forecast study in
Brazil on the crop side (supply).
-Other analysts / crops support, and orient/coach the younger analyst studies and scope in order to guarantee the real value for the business
Coach and teach the younger/less experienced analysts on the how to do and
what is important in the analysis. Guide on where is the value of each
specific analysis for the business. Connected the dots between the team and
the businesses needs.
-Lead the usage/building of the GOSC countryside network channel to gather data and create value for the businesses
-Responsible to bring insights from connecting the businesses needs and his/her area of expertise to the traders worldwide and coach the analysts the way to do it (weather call, crop reports, stocks and crop analysis) focused on the most efficient manner to deliver value to the businesses and Platform.


Minimum Required Qualifications
•Bachelor in Agricultural Engineering (Agronomist) or similar;
•Deep Knowledge on Brazilian Agriculture, connect business need to the team
•Fluent in English, clear communication and rational, Office Package
•Rational Mindset;
•Ability to translate local to country analysis (Zoom in and out);
•Curiosity Mindset;
•Courage to dare;
•Leadership skills.
Preferred Qualifications
•Master of Science in Economics or Management, or similar MBA Deep commercial
•Database / Modeling experience and skills;
•Fluent in Spanish or other languages.

Cargo: Supply Chain

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