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Vaga de Backend Developer (Data Engineer)
QuintoAndar em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Backend Developer (Data Engineer)


Technology and design at QuintoAndar

QuintoAndar is an app for landlords and renters tired of the bureaucracy of the traditional rental process. To create an experience that is easy and cool for both, QuintoAndar recognizes that it is necessary to solve the rental process from start to finish. We will win by doing this with agility and security, and by guaranteeing payments for landlords and free rental insurance for renters.

Technology and design are core components of our DNA. Our team works very very hard, with cutting edge technology and design practices, to invent web and mobile tools that are first of their kinds.

At QuintoAndar you will:
* Work with a top-notch team that uses the best practices and best tools.
* Learn a lot. Really.
* Be part of a high-impact project that will affect many people's lives.
* Have autonomy to make decisions with no endless meetings or bikeshedding.
* Work in an informal environment and horizontal hierarchy.

Backend Developer (data engineer) responsibilities at QuintoAndar:

  • Develop and execute a data warehouse and ETL/ELT solution that is scalable and that will be used by business analysts and key decision-makers.
  • Know the data schema by heart and all there is to know about the company's databases to provide support for end users and developers.
  • Ensure that all reporting, KPIs and ETL/ELT processes are running correctly and smoothly in real-time.
  • Be the go-to person for querying the database.
  • Ability to contribute with architecture optimizations of ETL, ELT, BI, and the life-cycle of an EDW solution.
  • An understanding of data integration using Python, and knowledge of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and associated technologies and standards.
  • Ability to get data from RESTful APIs.

Language and location

We are a Portuguese speaking company. This is written in English because 1) we value diversity and thus welcome foreign candidates, and 2) if you are Brazilian you need to be fluent in English in order to learn the most from the rest of the world.

This position is for our São Paulo office, near Av Paulista.

About our selection process:

It usually takes around 20 days (from your applying to the end) and follows this steps:

1. Application Screening

2. Technical Online Challenge

3. Phone interview with Recruiters

4. Interview with Engineering Team

5. Reference check

6. Offer

Important: Our recruitment process starts at the application form! If you really wish be a part of our team, endeavor to do well at this stage of the process. We analyze all the candidates individually. Yes, we do read all applications and we’ll reply even to those who won't follow the process.


You may apply if you:

  • Have strong command of SQL, data architecture and relational data models and databases.
  • Have strong coding skills in Python (or other scripting languages).
  • Have strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Are fluent in English and Portuguese.

We may like you even better if you:

  • Have previous experience in building data marts, data lake and structuring a data warehouse.
  • Are up to date with cloud solutions (preferably AWS).
  • Have experience with Columnar Storage Databases (like Amazon Redshift).
  • Have experience with analytics implementation.
  • Have experience with NoSQL databases.
  • Have an interest in BI, data science and statistics.


Working here is cool AND you get the following:
* Competitive salary package.
* Meal allowance ("ticket refeição and/or ticket alimentação").
* Fuel or public transportation allowance.
* Good health plan
* Dental plan
* Life insurance
* Children Allowance (Daycare)
* Subsidy to sports practicing (Gympass)
* This position offers relocation package for people who would have to move to Sao Paulo
* Free beer every Friday
* Very fun, collaborative, and fast-paced work environment - full of smart and ambitious people (know more in this video)

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  • Há 26 dias

    Local de muitos aprendizados


    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Cultura da empresa - tem bastante autonomia, informalidade e pessoas engajadas em melhorar a empresa. É muito legal ver o foco que se tem em entender como os funcionários estão se sentindo na empresa.

    Contras: Ainda estão remando um pouco sobre liderança. Buscam segurança piscólogica, mas nem sempre é algo que existe no dia a dia. As pessoas tem medo de errar e focam só no que não está bom, o que gera bastante ansiedade nas pessoas.

    Conselhos para presidência: Foco no desenvolvimento dos líderes (principalmente os seniors, pq isso é top down). Trabalhar mais equilíbrio da vida pessoal das pessoas. Jornadas de 10h por dia não é produtivo e sustentável

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

  • Há 29 dias

    Ótimo ambiente de se trabalhar.

    Analista de Operações I

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Time motivado com a inovação da empresa e com vontade de crescer. A empresa se preocupa com o crescimento do funcionário. Bons benefícios para os funcionários.

    Contras: Startups ainda não pagam muito bem mas os gestores possuem visão e boa vontade em te ouvir e tentar aplicar mudanças. As coisas acontecem muito rápido e as vezes quando ficamos sabendo já mudou de novo.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim