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Vaga de Senior Vice President – RTS
McKinsey & Company em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Senior Vice President – RTS

Who You'll Work With

You will be a part of the RTS team in one of our offices globally.

RTS is a unit of McKinsey, founded in 2010, that focuses exclusively on holistic transformations and corporate restructuring. We pair experienced professionals drawn from industry, private equity, and the restructuring ecosystem with our firm’s global network of industry and functional experts. We are doers, and we work closely with clients to execute the steps necessary to achieve extraordinary performance improvements.

What You'll Do

You’ll help clients achieve large-scale turnarounds and transformations.

There are two distinct roles RTS SVPs can play to deliver lasting client impact, and many RTS SVPs play both. These roles include the Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) and the Engagement Director (ED). The primary difference between these two roles is that the CTO role often operates as a formal or informal part of a client’s management team, while the ED role is more similar to a traditional McKinsey role.

As a CTO, you will act as the change leader responsible for spurring a radical re-think of a client’s operating model and conventional wisdom. You will operate as an extension of the CEO, occasionally with the positional authority and mandate to influence decisions across personnel, investments and operations. While you will not replace line leaders, you will provide “leverage,” so that the turnaround initiatives and day-to-day business activities run at full speed in parallel. Throughout this work, you will have the support of a traditional RTS engagement team, led by an Engagement Director.

As an Engagement Director, you will lead a team of consultants to identify the strategic, operational, organizational, and financial levers that will deliver rapid and dramatic client impact. By combining a strategic perspective with disciplined implementation, you will lead your team in pulling these levers. Throughout this process, you will apply the firm’s results-oriented and proprietary tools, benchmarks, and methodologies. Specifically, you will be responsible for delivering the right transformation process, integrating it across multiple workstreams, establishing the right mindset based on the latest performance, and mobilizing the entire business to achieve and sustain value. You also will be responsible for ensuring that the team fully and properly leverages the capabilities of RTS globally, across both of the RTS service lines (Turnarounds & Transformations and Corporate Restructuring).

Finally, in addition to client-facing work, you also will help scale the RTS practice in your chosen geography, plus contribute to building the practice globally.


  • Bachelor's degree is required; Master's degree or MBA is preferred
  • Line experience leading transformations or turnarounds, specifically restoring businesses to financial profitability and operational excellence, is strongly preferred
  • Track record of consistently delivering high-impact results to meet clients’ needs is required
  • Previous experience as a CTO, CRO, CEO, COO, CFO, or GM of a company of large and complex business unit is strongly preferred, with a specific preference for geographically diverse businesses with >$1B in revenue
  • Experience working in professional service environments is required, with management consulting highly preferred (and related skills of problem solving and stakeholder engagement are required)
  • Robust understanding of financial and operational levers also is required (e.g., business plan modeling, working capital management, financial statement analysis)
  • Ability to communicate effectively (both verbally and in writing), in English as well as the local office language, is essential


  • Advanced Electronics
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive & Assembly
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Electric Power & Natural Gas
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare Systems & Services
  • High Tech
  • Capital Projects & Infrastructure
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Metals & Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
  • Private Equity & Principal Investors
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Semiconductors
  • Social Sector
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel, Transport & Logistics
  • Paper & Forest Products
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Avaliações da McKinsey & Company

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Recomendam a empresa a um amigo

  • Há 20 dias

    Para consultor, uma excelente oportunidade.

    Especialista em Design Gráfico

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Integração, tipo de trabalho, estrutura, muitos desafios e trabalho ardo porém com uma equipe excelente. Muito beneficios para estudo, mas que depende de uma avaliação anual

    Contras: Sem plano de carreira para este cargo. Nao sei se foi somente comigo, mas nao tive orientação para tendencias e ferramentas. Fiz tudo por conta própria

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

  • Há aproximadamente 1 mês

    Melhor início de carreira para recém graduados

    Business Analyst

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Ambiente inclusivo, trabalho interessante, colegas inteligentes, exposição a diferentes empresas/culturas/indústrias, enorme oportunidade de aprendizado

    Contras: Carga horária pesada com picos de poucas horas de sono, muitas viagens, alta performance é necessária uma vez que funcionários são constantemente avaliados

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim