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Vaga de Sanofi Pasteur Multi Channel Marketing Coordinator
Sanofi em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Sanofi Pasteur Multi Channel Marketing Coordinator - VIE Contract (W/M)

Program SaVIE (VIE of Sanofi) is available to citizens of the European Economic Area (EU + Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) aged between 18 and 28.

PLEASE NOTE that since the VIE Program is primarily an international development program, candidates cannot apply to a VIE assignment in their own country of citizenship.

PLEASE NOTE that applications that are only submitted in French cannot be considered by our non-French speaking partners at Sanofi worldwide. Therefore, only applications that are submitted in English will be considered.

We are looking for a candidate for a VIE mission of:

Sanofi Pasteur Multi Channel Marketing Coordinator - VIE Contract (W/M)


Consistently identify Category Development Areas for Sanofi-Pasteur, enhancing relationship with all Stakeholders (Company, Consumers, Costumers, Channels, Competitors and Context), leveraging new and existing technologies

Integrated Stakeholder Engagement Plans (Consumers, PA&A;, Communications and Medical) to drive disproportionate growth for Sanofi-Pasteur portfolio in private and public markets

Function Responsibilities:
* Company:
* Build Sanofi-Pasteur institutional brand image, to serve as a development platform for vaccines portfolio
* Enhance Sanofi-Pasteur identity through website, social media and other media vehicles to amplify impact with stakeholders
* Anti-vaccines groups plans
* Consumers:
* Increase perception of severity and risk of diseases preventable by Sanofi-Pasteur vaccines
* Deliver Consumer Marketing Plans for all Sanofi Pasteur Franchises in line with Brand Managers.
* Enchance Consumer experience at point of vaccination to improve dosage compliance
* Customers:
* Accelerate clients' sell-out by identifying and reapplying industry /other categories best practices.
* Take telemarketing capabilities to the next level for enhanced customer relationship
* Channels:
* Develop strategies to win in new channels, such as non-programmed purchase at pharmacies
* Leverage Schools and companies as educational vehicles
* Competitors:
* Improve Sanofi-Pasteur portfolio go-to-market strategies by leveraging competitive advantages
* Context:
* Systematically identify insights to guide strategy development holistically

Marketing Coordinator Responsibilities:
* Company:
* Improve www.sanofipasteur.com.br website (desktop and mobile versions) for better consumer experience
* Create and manage (through advertising agencies) social media pages for Sanofi-Pasteur Brazil
* Develop institutional material (video and print format) to disclose Sanofi-Pasteur purpose to all stakeholders
* Consumers:
* Manage (through advertising agencies) social media platforms for Sanofi-Pasteur products
* Accountability over Adverting and Promotion control
* Develop analysis and recommendations of Consumer Campaigns' Key Performance Indicators
* Design & deliver initiatives to enhance experience at vaccination centers, improving dosage compliance
* Customers:
* Use digital capabilities & promotional material to improve clients' sell-out (Joint with Sales Force / KAMs)
* Take telemarketing capabilities to the next level for enhanced customer relationship
* Channels:
* Influence trade marketing on pharmacy channel, by identifying drivers of pharmacist recommendation (multi-functional effort with Sanofi-Pasteur Trade Marketing Manager)
* Develop and execute initiatives to leverage Schools and Companies as educational vehicles (Team work with Communications and other Product Managers)
* Competitors:
* Continually monitor Competitors activity to bring the best outside in (benchmarking to push innovation limits. Team work with Legal, Compliance and Regulatory departments)
* Context:
* Social listening and market research to identify insights that fuel Sanofi-Pasteur portfolio strategy.

Marketing Coordinator Requisites:

* Formation in Design, Marketing, Business Administration, Engineering or Communications
* +2 years' experience on product management / market intelligence / agencies (max. 5 years)
* Fluent English and Office advanced skills are essential. Portuguese / Spanish is desired

* ESTJ "The Executive" personality type in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI Assessment) is preferred:
* E – Extraversion preferred to introversion: As a multi-functional marketing coordinator, candidate should feel motivated by their interaction with people.
* S – Sensing preferred to intuition: As key responsibilities are more focused on execution rather than strategy, candidate needs to be more concrete than abstract. Focus attention on the details rather than the big picture, and on immediate realities rather than future possibilities.
* T – Thinking preferred to feeling: As a multi-functional player, candidate should tend to value objective criteria above personal preference. When making decisions, they generally give more weight to logic.
* J – Judgment preferred to perception: ESTJs tend to plan their activities and make decisions early. They derive a sense of control through predictability

Sanofi is a global healthcare leader focused on patients' needs, engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of therapeutic solutions focused on patients' needs. Sanofi has core strengths in diabetes solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, consumer healthcare, emerging markets and Sanofi Genzyme.

At Sanofi, our ambition is to be an integrated global healthcare company, focused on patients' needs. Much more than just a leading pharmaceutical company, Sanofi is committed to transforming scientific innovations into solutions and services that protect health, enhance life, and respond to the needs of the 7 billion people in the world. We trust our ambition to guide and inspire us as we work to create a future with optimal health and wellness for everyone.

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