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Vaga de Sales Development Manager
PepsiCo em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Sales Development Manager

At PepsiCo we are committed to attracting the best talent, people moved by challenges and inspired by personal and professional growth opportunities.

We feed emotions of our customers and consumers, achieving results with our unique way of doing business, acting with integrity, in an agile and responsible.

Performance with Purpose

Break new ground. Never settle for second place. Beat together, celebrate and do something bigger. This is the meaning of Performance with Purpose.

We are committed, around the world, to giving people the taste they wish and the nutrition they need. Dream globally and act locally, innovating constantly to sustain our planet, our people, our communities and our business. New markets mean new ways of doing business, and new ways to address health-related issues, cultural differences and environmental challenges. Every day is an adventure and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

About PepsiCo

In Brazil since 1953, PepsiCo is one of the leading food and beverage companies in the country and operates in the market through favorite brands and recognized as QUAKER ® (cereals, cereal bars and cookies), TODDY ® (chocolate milk powder, chocolate milk ready to drink and cookies) , Magic ® (chocolate milk powder), TODDYNHO ® (chocolate milk ready to drink), ELMA CHIPS ® (popcorn, peanuts, wheat-based snacks), LUCKY ®, TORCIDA ®, RUFFLES, DORITOS ®, CHEETOS ®, FANDANGOS ® and FOFURA ® (snacks), EQLIBRI ™ and MABEL (cookies), GATORADE ® (sports drinks), LIPTON ® Ice Tea (tea ready to drink, in partnership with Unilever), KERO COCO ® and TROP COCO (coconut water), H2OH! ®, MOUNTAIN DEW and PEPSI-COLA ® (carbonated), and DRINKFINITY ® (portable and personal beverage system).

"This selection process is being circulated internally and externally simultaneously."

Locality: São Paulo - SP

* Reporting to the Director of Sales Operations and responsible for a large team of employees.
* Information Management about results and sales performance (results and qualitative KPIs).
* Responsible for Sales Planning in S&OP. Volume Planning, Investments and Resources, quarterly and monthly, following the delivery of plans.
* Management of the quality of the orders, following the requests of company's sales of the and guaranteeing the quality of term, assortment, phasing and other critical parameters of business.
* Coordination of strategic and tactical sales plans.
* Generation and monitoring of targets for the entire sales force (250 teams and approximately 2,500 routes)
* Management of the variable remuneration of the sales team.
* Management of sales goal building process, reducing issues and enabling variable compensation policies and fairer incentives.
* Implementation of result and performance dashboards, which provide a qualified analysis of the result in real time and enable immediate tactical corrective decisions to be made to ensure that targets will be are met during the current month.


* Building Winning Relationships: Influences Others to Act
* Leading with Insights: Navigates Insights (What?) and Understands the - Implications (So What?)
* Communicating with Impact: Builds Compelling Communications
* Understanding the Business: Leverages PepsiCo Business Knowledge and - Articulates the Customer Strategy
* Leveraging Financial Concepts: Analyzes Data and Trends to Increase - Sales and Profitability
* Executing Winning Sales Plans: Measures Results

Critical Experiences:


Customer Call Ownership

Channel Strategy

Volume Forecasting and Planning

Revenue Management


Manage Matrix Relationships

"The company reserves the right to modify job requirements, skills and specifications according to it´s needs".

Job Ref: 134206BR

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Avaliações da PepsiCo

Satisfação geral dos funcionários

  • Remuneração e benefícios
  • Oportunidade de carreira
  • Cultura da empresa
  • Qualidade de vida

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  • Há mais de 3 anos


    Prós: Cultura, pessoas, identificaçao com os produtos

    Contras: falta de processos administrativos, liderança fraca

    Conselhos para presidência: melhorar a formaçao dos lideres, dar mais autonomia as pessoas, implantar processos administrativos, rever estrutura de cargos e salarios

  • Há mais de 1 ano


    Analista Pleno

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Ambiente informal, colaborativo, certa liberdade para expor opiniões, benefícios compatíveis com o mercado, empresa com diversos sites pelo país.

    Contras: Comunicação é falha, estratégias mudam muito rápido e como a comunicação é falha, os colaboradores não tem tempo de se adaptar, quando descobrem que mudou, já tem que se adaptar à outras. Salário abaixo do mercado. Liderança distante.

    Conselhos para presidência: Entender a linguagem dos funcionários, fazer com que os líderes os apoiem e comuniquem tudo o que for necessário, para que ninguém desperdice tempo e energia onde não é o nosso foco.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim