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Vaga de Regional Operations Coordinator, Compliance
Uber em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Regional Operations Coordinator, Compliance

About Uber

We're changing the way people think about transportation. Not that long ago we were just an app to request premium black cars in a few metropolitan areas. Now we're a part of the logistical fabric of more than 600 cities around the world. Whether it's a ride, a sandwich, or a package, we use technology to give people what they want, when they want it.

For the people who drive with Uber, our app represents a flexible new way to earn money. For cities, we help strengthen local economies, improve access to transportation, and make streets safer.

And that's just what we're doing today. We're thinking about the future, too. With teams working on autonomous trucking and self-driving cars, we're in for the long haul. We're reimagining how people and things move from one place to the next.

About the Role

Operations Coordinators work in collaboration with Operations Managers to execute projects and deliver strategic targets for the country. They are supported by a passionate team of Uber experienced professionals who are the face of Uber to our thousands of Uber users and stakeholders. Always looking to improve efficiency and solve problems which arise in this fast-paced environment, this role is dynamic and requires quick thinking.

The Compliance Group is hiring a compliance coordinator to help the Compliance team support Uber's cities that are operating under rideshare regulation. This person will need to support and develop robust and streamlined processes to tackle solutions to challenging, cross-functional operational issues. The position requires a commitment to operational excellence and a capacity for out-of-the box thinking. Our mission is to drive high-quality strategies that will tackle complex needs and provide solutions to friction points and bottlenecks throughout the user lifecycle. The role calls for someone who is both detail-oriented and can see how the pieces fit together to create the bigger picture, as well as adaptable to a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

What You'll Do

  • Problem-solve. Your best solutions to new operational challenges will help make going from A to B as smooth and safe as possible in a world of new requirements and restrictions.
  • Strategy. Working with the Compliance team, you will help shape and implement future strategies for tackling compliance across Brazil.
  • Stakeholder Management. Your ability to synthesize information and "translate" for different teams across the organization is integral to executing success.
  • Retain and attract. Being customer-service oriented is important to helping our users navigate and a stay engaged in a new operational landscape.
  • Product Improvement. Proactively search for new features which could improve a seamless user experience and work closely with the HQ product teams to implement solutions.
  • City Partner. Develop new ideas and channels for growing our partnership with the cities in which we operate.
  • Hustle. Take ownership of Uber's growth in Brazil and do whatever it takes to get the job done

What You'll Need

  • Bachelor's degree in Economics, Finance, Statistics, Engineering, Business, Urban Development/Planning or a similar field -- if you think your background brings something to the table, we want to hear from you!
  • 1-2 years of Strategy Consulting, Engineering, Banking, Business Intelligence or similar background in a large business or of growing a startup (internships included)
  • Analytical rigor - Excellent excel skills, SQL skills is a plus. We use data to inform our decisions; you'll quickly identify what data you need to resolve a problem and how to analyse it to get to your answer. You'll have experience dealing with complex data sets, deriving insights and checking against what you see in the real-world.
  • Roll up your sleeves and get into the details approach.
  • High adaptability to change and ability to execute quickly, especially in uncertain environments.
  • Speed, resourcefulness, and go getter attitude: Uber is committed to constant improvement. You're excited to help create a product with value.
  • Project Management Skills - Keeping track of concurrent projects, making sure they're executed on time, and that the projects are hitting their targets.
  • Communication and collaboration skills - You'll work with a vast variety of teams across Uber, in Brazil and across the world. Knowing your audience and speaking their language is fundamental to successful collaboration, hearing and understanding different perspectives, and creating solutions together.
  • Business curiosity - you love to learn and constantly seek ways to improve your understanding of the business and the tools you use. You share your learnings with your team and encourage others (and yourself) to take on new opportunities for further development.
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    Boa empresa para quem nunca trabalhou antes e precisa dar um pontapé na sua carreira.

    Agente de AtendimentoEx-funcionário, saiu em 2018

    Vitória, ES

    Prós: Os benefícios são excelentes (principalmente o plano de saúde que cobre TUDO) e a faixa salarial na minha cidade estava acima de outras faixas para o mesmo cargo ou semelhante.

    Contras: Pouquíssimas chances de crescimento para os agentes de atendimento dos escritórios espalhados por várias cidades no Brasil. Pouco treinamento para lidar com a “venda” da imagem da empresa, porém exigiam o tempo inteiro que tivéssemos excelência nessa aptidão.

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    Customer Service Representative (CSR)

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: A empresa possui um ambiente agradável, com muita tecnologia, inovação e autonomia para seus colaboradores. A empresa está em constante movimento através da opinião dos usuários e colaboradores.

    Contras: A comunicação ainda é algo que ainda se constrói, e estamos cada vez mais evoluindo. Como é uma empresa global os desafios tornam-se ainda maiores, o que nos motiva.

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