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Vaga de QA Tester for Experiential Projects at MediaMonks SP
Media Monks em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

QA Tester for Experiential Projects at MediaMonks SP


MediaMonks São Paulo is looking for a creative Quality Assurance tester to make sure our experiences are impeccable before they’re released into the wwwild.

Why this Role is Awesome

  • As a QA Monk, you use your extensive knowledge of QA processes and testing-tools to assess and ascertain the correct workings of our projects.
  • You aim to perfect the experience for the user while keeping the client’s needs and wants in mind.
  • Working from our Makers Lab in Vila Madalena, you focus on making sure our experimental experiential work will actually work — even though most of the stuff you’ll be testing has never been done before.
  • You’ll work side by side with our physical production team to perform stress tests and other assessments of our installations and connected experiences throughout the production process.
  • While you’ll have your own QA workstation, test environment, test devices — and if need be, test subjects in the form of coworkers — a big part of the job is about coming up with ways to test experiences in the physical world (including AR and 4D VR installations) that are still in the works.
  • In addition to performing continuous tests on experiential projects, you’ll be assuring the quality of the websites, platforms, apps, games, campaigns and other hot stuff coming out of MediaMonks São Paulo.
  • You systematically go over security and usability issues to check the functions of every form and feature — using custom scripts and testing tools to validate web-based projects across browsers, screens and and devices.
  • As part of MediaMonks, you are part of the most awesome production company on the planet, operating as ‘one office in ten locations’ with an incredible in-house team of 600 Monks worldwide.

*Come Break Stuff for a Living!
At MediaMonks, you’ll be part of a young and fun, successful and super-fast-moving international company. The work you’ll be testing will never grow boring as we constantly expand into new territories and technologies. If you can take on this role, we’d love to take you onboard.

Please be attentive to the requirements for this role and accompany your application with a short cover letter detailing why you’re the right Monk for the job.


  • You have at least 2 years of relevant testing experience, setting up QA tests for a wide variety of creative projects at the intersection of digital and physical.
  • You have a creative mindset, always thinking of ways to break or hack things.
  • You can come up with bespoke QA processes according to the specifics of each project, going above and beyond the guidelines and requirements.
  • You can compile end-to-end test plans and comprehensive use cases, covering everything from general dependencies to edge cases.
  • You are experienced in setting up detailed issue reports that allow your fellow Monks to quickly proceed with the next version of the build.
  • You have basic knowledge of browser-based tests with tools like Selenium WebDriver.
  • You have experience testing native mobile applications using Appium or similar tools.
  • You’re a proficient English communicator, able to provide clear updates on the development of projects and knowing how to describe issues and required actions to Monks in other offices.
  • Any (basic) knowledge of engineering and/or electronics would make you awesome.
  • Basic protoboard knowledge (e.g. Arduino or Raspberry) would make you a true legend — but if you have no idea what a protoboard is, that’s fine too.
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    Uma empresa que preza pelo bem estar e que desenvolve projetos de alto nível

    Desenvolvedor Front EndEx-funcionário, saiu em 2017

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Clima amigável, ótimas pessoas, ambiente de total interação. Ótimos projetos tecnológicos que envolvem diversas áreas e muitas vezes surgem oportunidades de trabalhar fora do país. Ótimos churrascos.

    Contras: O fluxo de trabalho é bacana, porém acumula-se tarefas em determinados momentos, algumas vezes por períodos de alta demanda do mercado, mas acho que é algo natural em qualquer empresa do tipo.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

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    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Ambiente enxuto, fácil acesso a pessoas de todos os cargos e posições. Boa localização do escritório. Projetos com clientes grande e internacionais. Cerveja de graça.

    Contras: Gerenciamento de projetos e pessoas. Pouco prazo e poucos recursos para se trabalhar. Falta de definição hierárquica. Ambiente barulhento e controlador com relação ao seu horário de entrada e saída, não incentivam home-office. Não há plano de carreira.

    Recomenda a empresa: Não