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Vaga de Plant Manager
Ecolab em Suzano - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Plant Manager

Main responsibilities:

  • Ensure the reach of the production volume in all SKUs, through the correct planning of production and the reach of the factory productivity.
  • Ensure that products are produced within established production costs, through the management of control items that, when not reached, impact the product in a way that is perceived by the customer as non-conforming.
  • Ensure that the teams are able to perform their functions by correctly mapping the training needs and then managing the execution.
  • Ensure inventory difference within the target through correct inventory management and production tracking.
  • Ensure a safe and motivating environment through adequate management of safety indicators and events that motivate and align teams.
  • Admitting, firing, disciplinary action, vacation scheduling, and employee movement to keep the entire team within the approved headcount and in a position to meet the established goals for the area;
  • Guarantee the implementation of TPM (Total Productive Management) in the factory areas.
  • Develop activities related to the TPM (Total Productive Management) program according to its area of operation.
  • To implement in its area of operation the Occupational Safety and Health standards in order to guarantee the physical integrity and health of its subordinates by providing and demanding the use of the necessary PPE to perform the services when required.
  • Implement environmental standards in its area of operation, ensuring the correct handling and use of chemicals and waste generated in the area to meet the requirements applicable to audits of the Environment and ECOLAB System.
  • Implement and maintain in your process / work area the requirements, procedures and records related to Process Quality and Safety, including 5s.
  • Ensure that employees do not perform activities in which they are not adequately qualified with the training required for the position.
  • Properly manage the third parties of the plant (Ordinance, Cleaning, Restaurant and Uniforms) guaranteeing a service at least adequate to the members.
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements identified in the Environmental Safety and Management System of the plant
  • Promote the effective participation of members in SHE programs
  • To properly manage CAPEX resources so that the investments are appropriately appropriated
  • Support the introduction of new products and technologies (E-SPRINT, POO, PIP ...)
  • Properly administer Quality Control, ensuring that deviations are effectively identified.
  • Manage the instrument calibration system, ensuring accuracy in the measurement and monitoring systems (INSTRUMENTATION).
  • Managing stock of spare parts so critical equipment in the plant is not stopped for lack of parts.
  • Support the maintenance teams so that the preventive and predictive maintenance plan is properly followed
  • Ensure compliance with NR's.
  • Provide adequate resources to ensure that the work is carried out safely and effectively.
  • Work together with the business on a demand plan and accompany it through the S & OP meetings, ensuring the perfect alignment of the SCH x Sales area.
  • Properly manage inventory of the plant, ensuring the availability of products whenever necessary
  • Support the planning team so that MPs and finished products are produced and brought in the required moments.
  • Ensure adequate inventory to meet the demands of the subsidiaries.
  • Properly manage the OPEN ORDER of the plant.
  • Properly administering the receipt, storage and shipping of products, adjusting procedures for cargo consolidation, material separation and reverse logistics are coupled to customer needs and meet legal requirements at the best possible cost.
  • Manage plant, branch and freight expenses properly.
  • Manage prices, contracts, services and registrations by placing all orders in the SAP system.
  • Actively support the TPM program (implementation of pillars, projects and global governance)
  • Manage indicators and action plans.
  • Integrate the site by actively communicating the programs and activities.
  • Properly manage NR's.
  • Monitor internal customer audits and certification bodies.


  • Degree in Chemical Engineering (technical manager of the factory), Production Engineering. Business Administration with experience in chemical industry.
  • Advanced English.
  • Advanced Portuguese.
  • Desirable Spanish.
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    Vivência e oportunidades da Ecolab


    Salvador, BA

    Prós: Empresa reconhece o trabalho dos funcionários. Plano de carreira bem definido, onde funcionários estão em constante crescimento profisional.

    Contras: Salários precisam ser reestruturados. Não existe uma grande diferença entre os cargos e salários. Empresa precisa dar um suporte maior aos funcionários em relação as atividades realizadas

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

  • Há aproximadamente 1 ano

    Representante de Atendimento

    Barueri, SP

    Prós: Tudo bacana na desde ambiente a oportunidades q são disponibilizadas aos seus funcionários empresa top recomendo a todos q queiram se candidatar a vagas

    Contras: Não vejo pontos negativos q seja relevante a não ser alguns setores q precisam trabalhar um pouco mais em sintonia com outras áreas fora isso td tranquilo