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Red Bull em São Paulo - SP

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AREAS THAT PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS (all the responsibilities we'll trust you wit

Brand Management & Leverage

Development of national on premise marketing plan through alignment between national, business unit marketing department and the regional on premise manager. In addition, validate the plan with the National On Premise manager;

Assure correct usage of the brand through deep knowledge of the guidelines and frequent communications with the team;

Together with the business unit team, promote, adapt and support implementation of Red Bull Marketing events;

Create and support implementation of new events/activations/incentives with agencies, partners and also consumer collecting and the culture team;

In joint responsibility with Musketeers and Regional On Premise Manager, responsible for executing marketing activities and POS (Points of Sale) material at Red Bull events, festivals and 3rd party events;

Coordination and approval of tailor-made installations according to brand guidelines;

Execute and adapt the international marketing guidelines according to market needs;

Monitor correct placement of sale tools points through constant market visits;

Develop a deep understanding of the On Premise market, both consumer and industry, tapping into opportunities and trends, leading creation of platforms, tools and methods in order to amplify the business.

Communication & Training

Maintain a constant exchange of information and best practices with the National, LATAM and HQ on premise team to improve results;

Establishment of inter communication between marketing area and on premise area in order to maximize brand activations and impact in the on premise channel;

Build a strong network with external agencies, key influencers, national decision makers, event organizers and the local scene in search for new collaboration opportunities;

Build a network of On Premise intelligence institutions and Industry to gather relevant business information in order to expand knowledge and develop the business;

Delivery of memorable Red Bull experiences that drive word of mouth and brand passion throughout the On Premise consumer;

Ensure in-depth knowledge of all national and international marketing activities, tools, concepts, general guidelines and their updates;

Conduct trainings and continuous coach to secure a high level of understanding and knowledge on how to implement brand activations in the market;

Develop a consistent network with Musketeers in the field in order to ensure gathering of proper field information/trends, and also correct implementation of the strategy previously aligned;

Indirectly manage specific Musketeers in strategic regions, leveraging execution standards, and finally volume.


Efficient allocation and control of the On Premise Marketing budget according to the business plan. Track, record and evaluate all results of implemented marketing activities creating and analysing reports;

Active compilation of national and international On Premise learnings and showcases to share knowledge amongst the team.


Permanent observation of market trends and competitor activities/activations to assure that all brand activities are relevant and innovative to our target.

Active search for new business opportunities in the market, identifying potential for improving and adding new marketing activities.

Search for further opportunities to off-set budget by offering added value actions to the customer;

Identify and communicate potential for new On Premise POS tools;

Lead the identification and understanding of industry, new consumer and cultural trends with objective and quantitative data to support important insights and decisions.


Gather all relevant industry related information in order to improve the field team’s capabilities and support national strategic decisions;

Adapt Red Bull Marketing activities to leverage brand assets;

Constantly improve alignment of marketing and On Premise teams to leverage brand activities;

Amplify ‘brand and can love’ of the On Premise consumer through our resources, structures, existing and/or new marketing platforms;

Communicate with the field team (Musketeers and ROPMs) in order to ensure correct consumer driven execution standards, drive discussions, and lead innovation;

Support the field team with tools and methods to leverage speed of implementation of defined strategic and tactical initiatives, supplying said team with insights and action plans to improve implementation;

Develop and assist correct approach with industry insiders, such as bar staff and other players of the On premise such as Spirits, in order to leverage the business;

Build and lead a ‘consumer driven’ mindset within the On Premise;

Whats next? Consistently lead consumer research (formal and informal) in order to stay ahead of the trends, keeping the brand relevant and healthy in the channel.

AREAS THAT PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS (all the responsibilities we'll trust you wit

  1. 2 years experience in Marketing

  2. Proficient in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

  3. Excellent communication skills including presentation and training ability.

  4. Excellent negotiator and influencer;

  5. Highly developed analytical skills (Sales & Customer Data);

  6. Good knowledge of consumer marketing principles;

  7. Self-motivated & ability to work independently.

AREAS THAT PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS (all the responsibilities we'll trust you wit

  • University Degree Preferred (business, marketing or similar)
  • Advanced in written and spoken English is very important. Advanced in written and spoken Spanish is preferred.
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Recomendam a empresa a um amigo

  • Há 30 dias

    ótima oportunidade

    Promotor de Marketing Júnior

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Ambiente descontraído sem deixar de ser profissional, boas oportunidades de crescimento, gestores acessíveis, com muita liberdade e responsabilidades.

    Contras: Operação muito enxuta, o que dificulta o trabalho de quem está em campo. Salários abaixo da média. E alguns setores não se comunicam bem entre si.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

  • Há aproximadamente 2 meses

    Com algumas ressalvas, vale muito a pena!

    Ex-funcionário, saiu em 2013

    Belo Horizonte, MG

    Prós: O clima organizacional é ótimo, as pessoas são super motivadas, os benefícios são bons e a cultura interna é a melhor possível. Os eventos internos são um capítulo à parte, prepare o fôlego!

    Contras: Existe MUITO apadrinhamento, assim alguns funcionários são promovidos sem comprovarem seu real valor. Por mais jovem que a empresa seja, alguns processos são engessados. Há uma mistura grande entre o pessoal e profissional.

    Conselhos para presidência: A tão falada meritocracia deveria ser adotada, com controle e rigor.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim