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Vaga de Mobile Developer
TFG em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Mobile Developer - Unity

When we bring someone to TFG we're not looking for a simple task executioner. We want someone that's proactive, autonomous and can make decision when faced with this challenge. We're not looking for someone that treats the opportunity merely as a job, but who wants to make all the necessary efforts to create the best games in the world. We want people that want to learn about mobile games, the market and how to create the best games in the world. Games that'll define a generation.


  • Computer science degree or equivalent experience
  • Solid experience in game development (hobby development experience may qualify)
  • Previous experience to developing with the Unity 3D Engine
  • C#, C, C++ or Java


  • Knowledge of the technical Pipeline and all the process needed to make a game
  • Version control (git or SVN)
  • Objective-C
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