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Vaga de Legal Analyst
QuintoAndar em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Legal Analyst


QuintoAndar is a technology company that enables a seamless rental experience from searching to closing. We strive to contribute to a movement we call the ‘renting lifestyle’ - a world in which renters and property owners have the flexibility to move, to live abroad, to change cities, and be happier by living closer to work. To make this a reality, we focus on our mission of making the renting process “fácil e gostoso” for everyone involved.

Through intensive use of technology and design, we are reinventing the entire industry, from one end to the other, to allow the kind of customer experience that we wish for ourselves. As a result, we are creating a new business model that is unique in the whole world and that will revolutionize the real estate industry.

What we are looking for:

As our Legal Analyst, you will be responsible to provide of all sorts of legal opinios to our teams, as well as to build administrative and judicial procedural documents. Partnering with IT and Operations teams, you will be asked to solve legal questions regarding the Tenancy Law, Civil, Corporate, Tax, Labor, Consumerist, Electronic and Digital Law - themes that will be, sometimes, linked to each ohter and at a high level complexity.

That requires: very good critical and analytical thinking skills, a genuine passion for our product and clients, a strong sense for justice and accountability to make good judment decisions. As there are several branches of Law involved, your tasks shall demand you to make continous research in order to find the best answer to solve the issue, so the job also requires you to be "hands on" to work.

At QuintoAndar You Will:

  • Work with a top-notch team that uses the best practices and tools.
  • Learn a lot. Really.
  • Be part of a high-impact project that will affect many people's lives.
  • Have autonomy to make decisions with no endless meetings or bikeshedding.
  • Work in an informal environment and horizontal hierarchy.

Your Key Responsibilities Will Include

  • Giving assertive solutions to QuintoAndar's legal issues, looking not only to the legal subject, but to the customer experience and expectations as well - At Quintoandar we do care about our customers!
  • Taking responsability for the daily operational questions and tasks;
  • Focusing on executing and improving QuintoAndar's contracts, administrative and legal procedures, aiming at the most eficient methods;
  • Supervising the execution of processes taken care by our outsourced legal offices;
  • Handling requests from different stakeholders and regarding different subjects of expertise.

Language and location

We are a Portuguese speaking company. This is written in English because 1) we value diversity and thus welcome foreign candidates, and 2) if you are Brazilian you need to be fluent in English in order to learn the most from the rest of the world.

This position is for our São Paulo office, near Av Paulista.

Important: Our recruitment process starts at the application form! If you really wish be a part of our team, endeavor to do well at this stage of the process. We analyze all the candidates individually. Yes, we do read all applications and we’ll reply even to those who won't follow the process.


Please come talk to us if you fulfill these:
* It’s important that you are genuinely interested in our cause. The sense of purpose and ownership will be a strong force in your motivation and your genuine interest will help you succeed in helping us build a transformative solution.
* You are very critical and analytic professional which can be confirmed by your academic studies and previous work accomplishments - We want someone that can face a problem whose answer is not easily findable or from a branch of law yet unseen by him/her, but the person can efficiently achieve strategic solutions backed up by law.
* You have at least 2 to 3 years of experience in reputable law firms. Prior experience with Tenancy Law is a Plus!
* You have passed the "OAB" Exam;
* You have intellectual curiosity to always dig for completely new and better solutions to solve problems;
* You aren't afraid to face a high work demand and to get the job done;
* You are extremely attentive to the organization of documents, procedures, and deadlines;
* You don't fear a rapidly changing environment and enjoy working in cross-functioning teams.


Working here is cool AND you get the following:
* Competitive salary package
* Good health and dental plan
* Meal allowance ("ticket refeição + ticket alimentação")
* Fuel or public transportation allowance
* Subsidy to sports practicing
* Subsidy for daycare
* Free beer every Friday
* Very fun, collaborative, and fast-paced work environment - full of smart and ambitious people

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  • Há aproximadamente 1 mês

    QuintoAndar lovers


    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Ambiente maravilhoso que nos estimula a crescer diariamente, junto com colegas de trabalho excelentes. Trabalhar em um ambiente leve e descontraido com certeza é o ponto forte.

    Contras: Não consegui encontrar até agora pontos negativos de fazer parte dessa empresa! Me surpreendo a cada dia com tudo que vejo por aqui e com as oportunidades que surgem.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

  • Há aproximadamente 1 mês

    Gestão de pessoas ineficiente

    Ex-funcionário, saiu em 2018

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Ambiente descontraído e informal, tem happy hour de sexta e festinha. Bastante oportunidade de crescer e migrar de cargo ou área, o pessoal, em geral, é bem jovem e amigável. Existe pouca hierarquia e o acesso aos gestores é bem tranquilo, se é tratado igualmente independente do nível hierárquico pelos colegas.

    Contras: Pouca ou nenhuma supervisão sólida para cargos de estágio e posições júnior na área de operações. Programa de feedback confuso e ineficiente, intimida mais do que qualquer outra coisa, ninguém se interessa pelo tema. Gestão de pessoas, carreiras e desenvolvimento e aprendizagem não são trata de forma séria, ninguém sabe pra onde pode ir, o que pode fazer, como chegar lá. Exceto a área de produto, que tem uma estrutura de gestão ridiculamente mais avançada e estruturada que a operação.

    Recomenda a empresa: Não