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Vaga de Head of Risk
QuintoAndar em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Head of Risk


QuintoAndar is a technology company that enables a seamless rental experience from searching to closing. We strive to contribute to a movement we call the ‘renting lifestyle’ - a world in which renters and property owners have the flexibility to move, to live abroad, to change cities, and be happier by living closer to work. To make this a reality, we focus on our mission of making the renting process “fácil e gostoso” for everyone involved.

Through intensive use of technology and design, we are reinventing the entire industry, from one end to the other, to allow the kind of customer experience that we wish for ourselves. As a result, we are creating a new business model that is unique in the whole world and that will revolutionize the real estate industry.

What we are looking for:

As our Credit and Collections Manager you will design QuintoAndar’s client approval and collections policy from beginning to end in order to grow our client base in a sustainable way. Partnering with Product, Marketing and Operations teams, you will challenge and execute strategies to better match clients with renting units available as well as select the best approach for collecting overdue payments from troubled accounts. By analyzing our rental performance you will gain thoughtful insights about how our clients behave from the moment they find their new home to the moment a contract finishes and will be able to deploy such analysis in a continuous effort to improve credit and collection decisions.

At QuintoAndar You Will
* Work with and lead a top-notch team that uses the best practices and tools.
* Learn a lot. Really.
* Be part of a high-impact project that will affect many people's lives.
* Have autonomy to make decisions with no endless meetings or bikeshedding.
* Work in an informal environment and horizontal hierarchy.

Your Key Responsibilities Will Include

  • Design and implement a credit policy and lead a credit analysis team with focus on simplifying the renting experience to our clients. This team should be able to provide meaningful feedbacks to denial cases that could lead to a better allocation of units per risk profile of clients;
  • Work collaboratively with QED Investors (founders of Capital One!) leveraging their vast experience to develop the most innovative, efficient and customized real estate credit decision process in the world!
  • Lead the modeling data team and continuously challenge the credit model decisions by balancing approval x delinquency rates;
  • Completely revolutionize the traditional way of making credit decisions by incorporating unique variables collected by QuintoAndar along its relationship with each prospect/client (and think creatively about new variables we don’t currently store!) and incorporate those data-driven metrics back into the credit model;
  • Streamline the Collections process and design unique approaches/features to increase collections effectivity while offering new payment options for troubled accounts;
  • Along with the founders and other top executives, influence QuintoAndar's overall growth and geographic expansion strategy applying comprehensive analytical frameworks to find the perfect balance between growth x default x loss rates;
  • Collaborate with Customer Acquisition team to design optimized online marketing strategies;


Please come talk to us if you fulfill these:
* It’s important that you are genuinely interested in our cause. The sense of purpose and ownership will be a strong force in your motivation and your genuine interest will help you succeed in helping us build a transformative solution.
* You are very analytic and a passionate data driven professional which can be confirmed by your academic studies (ie: math, statistics, engineering, actuarial science, etc) and previous work accomplishments. Prior experience with statistical modeling is a plus!
* You have at least 5 years of experience in large scale credit decisions either at Consumer Finance institutions or B2C companies;
* You are a leader and feels energetic about leading teams and inspiring people to achieve their best;
* You are organized and have intellectual curiosity to always dig for completely new solutions to solve problems;
* You don't fear a rapidly changing environment and enjoy working in cross-functioning teams.

We are a Portuguese speaking company. This is written in English because (1) we value diversity and would welcome foreign candidates, and (2) if you are Brazilian you need to be fluent in English in order to learn the most from the whole world.

Our office is in Sao Paulo, at Av Paulista, near 'metrô Consolação'.


Working here is cool AND you get the following:
* Competitive salary package
* Good health and dental plan
* Meal allowance ("ticket refeição + ticket alimentação")
* Fuel or public transportation allowance
* Subsidy to sports practicing
* Subsidy for daycare
* Free beer every Friday
* Very fun, collaborative, and fast-paced work environment - full of smart and ambitious people

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    Local de muitos aprendizados


    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Cultura da empresa - tem bastante autonomia, informalidade e pessoas engajadas em melhorar a empresa. É muito legal ver o foco que se tem em entender como os funcionários estão se sentindo na empresa.

    Contras: Ainda estão remando um pouco sobre liderança. Buscam segurança piscólogica, mas nem sempre é algo que existe no dia a dia. As pessoas tem medo de errar e focam só no que não está bom, o que gera bastante ansiedade nas pessoas.

    Conselhos para presidência: Foco no desenvolvimento dos líderes (principalmente os seniors, pq isso é top down). Trabalhar mais equilíbrio da vida pessoal das pessoas. Jornadas de 10h por dia não é produtivo e sustentável

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

  • Há aproximadamente 1 mês

    Ótimo ambiente de se trabalhar.

    Analista de Operações I

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Time motivado com a inovação da empresa e com vontade de crescer. A empresa se preocupa com o crescimento do funcionário. Bons benefícios para os funcionários.

    Contras: Startups ainda não pagam muito bem mas os gestores possuem visão e boa vontade em te ouvir e tentar aplicar mudanças. As coisas acontecem muito rápido e as vezes quando ficamos sabendo já mudou de novo.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim