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Vaga de Gerente de SASS
PepsiCo em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Gerente de SASS

At PepsiCo we are committed to attracting the best talent, people moved by challenges and inspired by personal and professional growth opportunities.

We feed emotions of our customers and consumers, achieving results with our unique way of doing business, acting with integrity, in an agile and responsible.

Performance with Purpose
Break new ground. Never settle for second place. Beat together, celebrate and do something bigger. This is the meaning of Performance with Purpose.
We are committed, around the world, to giving people the taste they wish and the nutrition they need. Dream globally and act locally, innovating constantly to sustain our planet, our people, our communities and our business. New markets mean new ways of doing business, and new ways to address health-related issues, cultural differences and environmental challenges. Every day is an adventure and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

About PepsiCo
In Brazil since 1953, PepsiCo is one of the leading food and beverage companies in the country and operates in the market through favorite brands and recognized as QUAKER ® (cereals, cereal bars and cookies), TODDY ® (chocolate milk powder, chocolate milk ready to drink and cookies) , Magic ® (chocolate milk powder), TODDYNHO ® (chocolate milk ready to drink), ELMA CHIPS ® (popcorn, peanuts, wheat-based snacks), LUCKY ®, TORCIDA ®, RUFFLES, DORITOS ®, CHEETOS ®, FANDANGOS ® and FOFURA ® (snacks), EQLIBRI ™ and MABEL (cookies), GATORADE ® (sports drinks), LIPTON ® Ice Tea (tea ready to drink, in partnership with Unilever), KERO COCO ® and TROP COCO (coconut water), H2OH! ®, MOUNTAIN DEW and PEPSI-COLA ® (carbonated), and DRINKFINITY ® (portable and personal beverage system).

Main Purpose
Ensure the achievement of results set out in EHS and sustainability plans in accordance with the Pepsico vision, principles and business philosophy, within the strategic and operational guidelines established by the senior management. Ensure the accomplishment of legal requirements that are applicable to Pepsico, coordinating the implementation of action plans.
Proactively ensure implementation and sustain of PepsiCo EHS policy, systems & procedures, auditing protocols to effectively reduce occupational health and safety (H&S) risks, & drive EHS culture evolution (reactive to proactive) in Brazil.
Establish EHS initiatives to prevent fatalities, injuries and manage risk through policy development and implementation of procedures, standards and training. Development and execute GEHSMS auditing program in all the operations in order to comply with local EHS regulation and PEPSICO standards.
Build EHS capabilities across BRAZIL operations by deploying subject matter expertise to coach field resources & functions in best practice tools, PepsiCo GEHSMS , OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 procedures, regulatory expectations.
Deploy specific subject matter expertise to jump shift operational safety (people & Assets) as demonstrated by "visible" culture change.
Improved EHS performance (Lead & Lag EHS metrics).


  • Lead the development and implementation of EHS strategic and operational plans in all areas of the company in order to ensure their development, growth and continuity, preventing losses and operational risks. (D)
  • Identify EHS opportunities and threats, assess the feasibility and make recommendations new technologies or processes development in order to ensure an adequate return to shareholders and preserve the security of company assets. (C)
  • Work routinely with the key leaders of PEPSICO to ensure EHS integrated into core business functions where sensible and appropriate for the business (E)
  • Implementation of EHS operational best practices
  • Ensure of a sustainability performance dashboard to measure and to report progress
  • Technical advisor for energy, water, waste and sustainability
  • Develop Industrial hygiene, ergonomics and psychosocial studies
  • Implementation and sustain of the Global Environmental, Health and Safety Management System
  • Coordination of all EHS programs and initiatives in all locations: Plants, Warehouse, Fleet, Sales and Offices
  • Design and implement lost prevention program
  • Execute Root Cause Analysis and improvement plants
  • Responsable for MY EHS management system: Risk Assessment, Compliance and Metrics
  • Validate and execute project to improve machinery and site safety along with LOTO, Guarding, and Hazard prevention
  • Integrate and support training programs that support MOTOR, autonomous safety, safety start along cultural change programs (E)
  • Develop and execute safety leadership programs
  • Manage along with operations, facilities, procurement, and corporate security to reinforce the contractor management safety system (E)
  • Execute in all the locations the monitoring of hygiene risk such as: noise, dust, chemical
  • Audit and review operations processes and activities to ensure EHS requirements are addressed in a timely and thorough manner. (E)
  • Leading the team in order to extract each of them their best talent, achieving results for people and businesses

* Bachelor's degree in either Health/Safety sciences/engineering, Environmental sciences/engineering
* EH&S experience in either manufacturing industries, transportation or energy intensive industries.
* Background in developing/leading teams from a strategic standpoint and/or corporate/divisional standpoint
* Career progression within operations with experience as a EHS professional
* Proficient in various information solution packages (e.g., audit tracking programs, incident databases, web-enables knowledge sharing)
* Effective oral communicator from the shop floor to executive level.
* Fluent in English and Spanish

The company reserves the right to modify job requirements, skills and specifications according to its needs.

Job Ref: 130546BR

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  • Há quase 4 anos


    Prós: Cultura, pessoas, identificaçao com os produtos

    Contras: falta de processos administrativos, liderança fraca

    Conselhos para presidência: melhorar a formaçao dos lideres, dar mais autonomia as pessoas, implantar processos administrativos, rever estrutura de cargos e salarios

  • Há quase 4 anos

    Lugar agradavel

    Gerente de Vendas

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Dinamismo , clima, integração, produtos

    Contras: Imediatismo, lançamentos sem pesquisa com campo.

    Conselhos para presidência: Menos imediatismo nos resultados

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim