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Vaga de Front End Engineer
Loggi em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Front End Engineer

A Loggi, serviço online de entrega expressa que conecta o cliente diretamente com o mensageiro através do computador ou do celular. Visamos revolucionar o mercado de logística através da nossa tecnologia proprietária. Acreditamos que um bom ambiente de trabalho - importamos as melhores práticas do Vale do Silício - junto com funcionários contextualizados e proativos podem gerar resultados incríveis e oferecer grandes perspectivas de crescimento.

Loggi is building an entire new class of logistics: a last-mile solution that's powering same day delivery and blurring the line between on-line and off-line for retail.

Loggi is working hard to leapfrog hundreds of years of poor infrastructure investment. We are positive that our effort is a net gain for the world and that it is, and will keep making a large impact in emerging markets. Our work is original, hence our challenges are unique. Your work is reflected daily in the thousands of drivers whose life Loggi is changing, as well as in the many customers who are surprised to receive timely, predictable and pleasant service.

Our product has incredible complexity as it weaves on-line and off-line elements, software and physical services, and interfaces with both business and end consumers. It is the focal point for an operational, sales and engineering heavy company.

Development is our #1 asset, and we take code quality seriously. At Loggi you will be pushing code live daily through continuous deployment and will use the tools to make that a reality (CI, automated testing). Come work with a small and focused team on making logistics in Brazil actually work.

We're not looking for just a good coder, but someone responsible for growing a technical culture of excellence: quality obsessed and fast moving. We want someone who can brainstorm, design validate and help us moving forward to delight our customers and be the very best in urban logistics.

We believe that there are vastly superior workflows for UI development right now. Making use of functional programming when possible, static analysis and declarative data sync we're seeing a massive gain in productivity and correctness. Our current front-end setup includes React, Flowtype and GraphQL and it's being written in ES6. We use Webpack in our build pipeline.


  • Have a good grasp on web applications and it's fundamentals: HTTP, TCP/IP, security, REST, browser and other clients.
  • Knows HTML and CSS well, are comfortable outputting multi-platform, responsive and maintainable HTML and CSS
  • Are good at organizing your own time and schedule. We don't micro-manage.
  • Are serious about shipping working code: leverage automating testing in it's various incarnations: unit tests, end to end tests and the associated tool-set (ci servers, unittests, integration tests)
  • Believe in data driven decisions, like to plan, collect, analyze and present metrics, from low level stuff to business goals and KPIs.
  • Are a practitioner (or eager to learn) about functional programming: our newer code is written with React, Immutable.js and Relay.

We will eat our hearts out if you:

  • Have experience with functional programming.
  • Like to help out with user stories, interaction flow and other non-technical deliverables.
  • Has experience setting up front end testing infrastructure

We provide:

  • Freedom to think and explore.
  • Fun, laid-back environment in a fast paced Startup.
  • Feedback and brainstorming directly with the founders. No bureaucracy, no bull
  • Competitive compensation based on your experience
  • Choice of tools
  • Score 10.5 out of 12 on Joel's test
  • One conference per year fully paid, anywhere.
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  • Há 3 dias


    Customer Experience Analyst

    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Aprendi bastante com o cargo da empresa e os benefícios, são muito bons. Se você mostrar interesse, pode ter mais responsabilidades e funções.

    Contras: Não há chance de crescimento no setor de e-commerce. Para uma empresa de logística, falta muito planejamento e mesmo assim, é esperado muito do funcionário.

    Recomenda a empresa: Não

  • Há 29 dias

    Melhor empresa, melhor serviço!


    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: Empresa maravilhosa, dá atenção não somente para clientes, mas também aos seus funcionários! Serviço único e completo! Não existe um trabalho tão bom quanto o da Loggi.

    Contras: Diria que não há nenhum ponto negativo. Só espero que no futuro podemos ter a Loggi no Brasil e/ou até no mundo todo, pois são em poucas cidades em que atuam hoje, mas com certeza a empresa tem força e total capacidade de se expandir rapidamente!

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim