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Vaga de Especialista de Compras Diretas
Cummins Brasil em Guarulhos - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Especialista de Compras Diretas


Conducts complex analysis of markets, supply chains, and supply base; applies
analysis to purchasing process improvement initiatives. Identifies qualified
suppliers and executes sound source selection processes. Has regular interface
with suppliers within area of responsibility and maintains the supplier
relationship. Understands how key purchasing principles are used toward
assuring supply.
Independently carries out sourcing activities with full consideration for the
impact of those activities on the end-to-end supply chain.
Executes sourcing tactics of varying complexity in accordance with established
category/commodity strategies reflecting the optimum cost, quality, delivery.
Participates in sourcing and commodity strategy formulation.
Analyzes complex sourcing and purchasing initiatives and processes in support
of the delivery of cost effective and high quality goods and services.
Prepares and presents to senior purchasing/sourcing leadership recommendations
of improvement opportunities and alternative courses of action.
Ensures consistent application of sourcing procedures and processes.
Supports purchasing/sourcing management in activities such as price
benchmarking, vendor management, industry and market analysis, process
analysis, and model building.
May lead a team of sourcing analysts and specialists at the business unit
and/or international purchasing organization (IPO) regional level.
Leads analysis projects/initiatives providing coaching to less experienced
analysts and specialists.
Negotiates select contracts.
Develops and maintains effective relationships with suppliers to the benefit
of both parties.
Understands the importance of compliance and is alert to situations that can
pose risk to Cummins Inc.


Analyze issues - Demonstrated results indicating deep knowledge of analyzing
issues. Critically identifies an issue's scope and parameters while analyzing
it from multiple perspectives. Determines the root causes as well as broad
implications of issues. Integrates information and defines an array of
alternatives. Applies a wide variety of analytical tools and processes (e.g.
Six Sigma) on a regular basis to complete key projects and solve complex

Develop systems, processes - Solid understanding of how to develop systems and
process. Applies systems and processes to improve and complete work at a
team/departmental level. Works to eliminate system and process inefficiencies
and roadblocks. Demonstrates consistent use of structured work documentation
(e.g. communication channels, work steps, procedures, checklists, or flow

Financial analysis - Applies financial analysis as part of their work. Is able
to perform complex analysis (i.e. multiple account or multiple business
analysis; new product or new business analysis, pricing analysis, statistical
analysis) and is able to perform analysis in a wide range of work situations.
Is able to interpret the results of financial analysis, draw conclusions,
provide guidance and influence decisions. Identifies and leads analysis and is
accountable for conclusions. Is able to train and coach others in financial
analysis. Able to use advanced MS Excel functionality.

Manage execution - Demonstrated results indicating deep knowledge of managing
execution. Coordinates performance across regions, teams, and departments on
complex projects and work flows. Applies a broad range of planning and
monitoring tools. Defines planning and review practices that result in few
missed milestones and minimal surprises. Effectively delegates to ensure
completion of complex projects and work. Monitors progress of others and
redirects efforts when goals change or are not met. Measures effectiveness of
execution through defined metrics and disciplined monitoring.

Negotiation with suppliers- I understand negotiation theory and tactics; I
understand the commodity or service for which I am responsible, Cummins
absolute business requirements, the supplier's TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
and the potential trade-offs; I develop the strategy for and lead negotiations
with suppliers to consistently deliver contracts that are easily managed by
functional owners and operations.

Purchasing ethics- I understand appropriate and harmless supplier engagements
and do not compromise supplier sourcing, selection, or management processes. I
am able to apply judgment to potentially questionable relationships and
activities and am confident that I make appropriate decisions in each case. I
provide consultation / support that conforms to Cummins standards to others in
my area but am not knowledgeable outside the countries in which I have worked
for at least three years.

Purchasing policies, procedures, tools - I understand all of the purchasing
policies and procedures and comply with them in my daily work; I have mastered
all of the tools required to do my work. I know how to access documents in the
appropriate QSI databases and who to ask if I need clarification or expansion
of the information contained in each document.

Sourcing process- I understand the steps in the sourcing process; I have
developed relationships with my functional stakeholders so that I am now
sometimes involved in a project when a business need is identified. I
understand the discipline and process associated with industry, market and
category analysis; I assimilate the available data to develop performance
metrics and create a TCO (total cost of ownership) pricing model. I am capable
of analyzing supplier financial risk, using standard resources (such as Dun &
Bradstreet reports and other similar tools). I fully engage my functional
stakeholders to define the business, technical and qualitative requirements
and can accommodate differences in competencies and expectations so that
supplier responses may be evaluated objectively.

Supplier risk analysis - I am familiar with all elements of supplier risk and
the tools used to identify and manage those risks. I routinely perform
supplier risk analyses, including financial analysis as well as identifying
potential supply chain disruptions. I can analyze the data to make important
business decisions. I also thoroughly understand the risks inherent in sharing
intellectual property. I have implemented pricing strategies to mitigate
pricing volatility due to commodities, currency or inflation influences.
Education, Licenses, Certifications
College, university, or equivalent degree in supply chain management or a
related subject required.

Intermediate level of related work experience required (e.g., three years’
prior experience).

Cargo: Compras
Recrutamento tipo de cargo: Profissional Experiente
Anúncio de Emprego: 12/01/2018, 10:40:39
Data de Retirada do Anúncio: Contínuo

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  • Há 2 meses

    Prós e Contras.

    Analista JúniorEx-funcionário, saiu em 2012

    Guarulhos, SP

    Prós: Salário e oportunidades de conhecer diversas culturas, aprimoramento pessoal, aprendizagem para lidar com processos sob pressão, novos conhecimentos, além das atividades de voluntariado que são espetaculares.

    Contras: Falta de aprovação de mulheres capacitadas para melhores cargos, vi muitas terem que ensinarem seus chefes trazidos de fora , quando ela possuíam perfil para assumir a posição. Existem alguns privilégios para alguns amigos de pessoas influentes.

    Conselhos para presidência: Parem de fazer campanhas em prol da defesa da cultura da mulher , do empoderamento, vejam realmente como as coisas funcionam, acompanhem as linhas de ética, verifiquem quem são às pessoas contratadas à frente das equipes. Recontratem os bons colaboradores que tiveram, em especial na produção. Mas dêem mais atenção às colocações dos funcionários, não apenas gerem bons benefícios, pois de fato vcs o fazem.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

  • Há aproximadamente 1 mês


    Guarulhos, SP

    Prós: Organização, ambiente, oportunidades de aprendizado, responsabilidade social, projetos para comunidade incluindo os colaboradores e horários flexíveis

    Contras: Falta de plano de carreira, porém com muita oportunidade de desenvolvimento pessoal, para caso não consiga oportunidades internas, estar pronto para o mercado de trabalho