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Vaga de Back-End Software Engineer
Loggi em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Back-End Software Engineer

Loggi is building an entire new class of logistics: a last-mile solution that's powering same day delivery and blurring the line between online and off-line for retail.

Loggi is working hard to leapfrog hundreds of years of poor infrastructure investment. We are positive that our effort is a net gain for the world and that it is, and will keep making a large impact in emerging markets. Our work is original, hence our challenges are unique. Your work is reflected daily in the thousands of drivers whose life Loggi is changing, as well as in the many customers who are surprised to receive timely, predictable and pleasant service.

Our product has incredible complexity as it weaves online and offline elements, software and physical services, and interfaces with both business and end consumers. It is the focal point for an operational, sales and engineering heavy company.


  • Have a good grasp on web applications and it’s fundamentals: HTTP, TCP/IP, security, REST, browser and other clients. Bonus point if you think is the way to go here.
  • Have a solid understanding of relational databases, in particular PostgreSQL
  • Are comfortable working with Linux, from setting up servers to beating them to submission with sane and productive Devops techniques. At Loggi there’s no distinction between Devops and regular developers, you write code and make sure it works well in production.
  • Have at least some experience with Python, even if it hasn't been the focus center of your professional life.
  • Understands basic algorithms and data types, knows what to use and more importantly what not to use for given requirements.
  • Are good at organizing your own time and schedule.
  • We don't micro-manage.
  • Are serious about shipping working code: leverage automating testing in it’s various incarnations: unit tests, end to end tests and the associated tool-set (ci servers, unittests, integration tests)
  • Believe in data driven decisions, like to plan, collect, analyze and present metrics, from low level stuff to business goals and KPIs

We will eat our hearts out if you have:

  • Worked with Linux containers (Docker)
  • Experience with Ansible
  • Know Django inside out.
  • Experience with graphite and/or elastic search.
  • Worked on products (as opposed to services) used daily by a large number of people.
  • Implemented big data pipelines, both for OLAP and Predicting behavior. We’re interested in a Kafka & Hadoop / Storm / Druid pipeline
  • Have written and deployed software written in Go.

We provide

  • Freedom to think and explore.
  • Fun, laid-back environment in a fast paced Startup.
  • Feedback and brainstorming directly with the founders. No bureaucracy, no bull****
  • Competitive compensation based on your experience
  • Choice of tools
  • Score 10.5 out of 12 on Joel’s test
  • We will gift to you a technical updating conference of your choosing, after completing one year as a Logger

Our Current Stack

  • Mixed fleet of AWS and other dedicated server hosting providers.
  • Ansible for provisioning and orchestration
  • Docker for distributing services
  • PostgreSQL for relational storage
  • Redis in a variety of roles
  • Elastic-search for logging and OLAP loads.
  • Statsd and Graphite for metrics
  • Jenkins as a CI server.
  • Nginx + UWsgi serving main Python App.
  • And a bunch of other stuff, let's not spoil the surprise.

About Loggi

Loggi is a startup tackling real time logistics, same day delivery in São Paulo, Brazil. We began working on June 2013. Clients love our platform, and so do drivers. We've been growing over 20% for the past two years.

We've closed a series A round in August 2014 with Monashees Capital and Qualcomm Ventures

Next Steps:

Apply to this post!

We'll get back to you in no more than 72 hours.

PS: Applicants from anywhere are very welcome, however, this is an onsite position and you must be legally allowed to work in Brasil

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  • Há aproximadamente 1 mês

    Orgulho de ser Logger!


    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: A Loggi é a empresa ideal para quem procura um espaço para aprender e se desenvolver profissionalmente. Tenho liberdade para sugerir coisas, tempo para executar as minhas tarefas e incentivo para me desenvolver cada vez mais. Tudo isso em ambiente descontraído, com pessoas sempre dispostas a ajudar o próximo e que prezam pela diversidade. É um prazer trabalhar com pessoas tão competentes! #OrgulhoDeSerLoggi

    Contras: Acredito que a empresa poderia investir mais nos estagiários, com a criação de cursos de inglês e um plano de saúde. Além de comidinhas e massagem para todos! <3

    Conselhos para presidência: Vocês proporcionam um lugar incrível para os estagiários, porém deveriam se preocupar em efetivá-los. Estou aqui há quase seis meses e só conheço uma pessoa que foi efetivada antes de terminar o contrato de estágio. Ser efetivado é um reconhecimento muito bacana para quem está começando a carreira profissional, pensem nisso! ;) #MeEfetivaAE

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

  • Há 13 dias

    Lugar incrível!


    São Paulo, SP

    Prós: As oportunidades que a Loggi proporciona, as experiências incríveis, as pessoas que trabalham nesta empresa, é tudo um mix que completa todo quesito que uma empresa precisa ter para ser incrível.

    Contras: Tudo o que uma startup precisa, de alguns processos, algumas rotinas que precisam ser ajustados, nada além que faça desmerecer a Loggi, apenas está em crescimento.

    Conselhos para presidência: Manter essa visão incrível da Loggi e continuar proporcionando a melhora de vida para todos, sejam funcionários, mensageiros, clientes.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim