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Vaga de Tecnico de Redes (Analista de Tecnologia da Informação
BT em Belo Horizonte - MG

Descrição da Vaga

Tecnico de Redes (Analista de Tecnologia da Informação


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**Analista de Tecnologia da Informação (Telepresence System Support

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Why this role matters

BT’s purpose is to use the power of communication to make a better world. For
each other, for our customers, for society and our communities. We need you to
help us do this.
There are thousands of businesses across the world that rely on our network.
Some are small and only get their income from online sales. Others have teams
in countries apart and depends on video-conference or share documents to do
their jobs.

If the system goes down, they’ll suffer. You’ll be their vanguard, our expert,
keeping everything running smoothly and bringing your ideas on how to improve
our service to unify communication.

What you’ll be doing

Problem-solving, support the conference system, configuring them and looking
for ways we can improve the user experience with telepresence.
That’ll include:
Improving our systems and tools – figuring out ways to automate anything
that can be automated. Finding new ways of using our tools better. Making our
processes more efficient. And fixing bugs.
Troubleshooting and supporting –you’ll be the one who knows about
monitoring, reporting and configuring – to all our systems and tools of
Staying cool under pressure – you’ll be working in a place with users that
don’t tolerate failures in their telepresence sessions. We must keep calm in
the situations of incidents on the systems and on dealing with the users.

Taking initiative – where you see an opportunity to improve our systems,
you’ll grab it without anyone prompting you.

We’ll also need to see these on your CV:
A Professional in Telepresence – you’ll be a CCNA Certified professional
Cisco TelePresence Solutions
Cisco Implementing Cisco TelePresence Video Solution (desirable).
You’ll know how to configure Endpoints and servers of Telepresence systems
(TMS // VCS // MCU // Conductor).

  • English fluency – you’ll be fluent in English. Why choose us? You’ll be working in a purpose-driven business that has around 5,500 clients relying on your work. A business that has clients across 180 countries. We also have a valuable Telepresence system that needs our support and know-how. Thus, we can help you become the top expert in your field, where you’ll solve problems that will benefit some of the largest companies in the world.



Job function: IT, Systems and Security
Working pattern: Standard
Closing date: Ongoing

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Recomendam a empresa a um amigo

  • Há 2 meses

    Crescimento Prossional

    Analista Pleno

    Hortolândia, SP

    Prós: Excelente empresa para aprender e desenvolver habilidades tecnicas. Oportunidades de treinamentos internos. Bom para evoluir com o inglês no dia a dia.

    Contras: Plano de carreira ainda esta em desenvolvimento, evolução salarial muito lento, o que gera uma desmotivação nos primeiros anos na carreira na empresa

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

  • Há 3 meses

    empresa boa

    Analista Pleno

    Campinas, SP

    Prós: empresa super tranquila cordial, generosa e os lideres são ótimas pessoas pensam no profissional como pessoa e não como numero, adorei o tempo que trabalhei

    Contras: plano de carreira e desenvolvimento são dois pontos um pouco negativo nessa empresa, mesmo tempo bastante equipamento e possibilidade não oferecem um plano legal de desenvolvimento

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim