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Vaga de Analista de Projetos Clínicos
Thermo Fisher Scientific em São Paulo - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Analista de Projetos Clínicos

Job Description

** Key Responsibilities:**

  • To advise Clients (foreign and local) on Logistics of Clinical Investigation, understanding the requirements and giving the best solution taking into consideration its needs.
  • To understand and know the capacities of the logistic service and the development of each service in order to transmit and include them in the client service proposals. To be informed of all updates in services.
  • To prepare budgets for new projects, to understand the scope of the work and the expected results. To review budgets. To take part in the preparation and/or review of contracts with clients.
  • To take part in proposals made to clients, telephone conferences or meetings to defend and support the proposal made.
  • To perform activities related to the handling of the logistic Project for studies that implies low and/or medium involvement and complexity. To take part in strategies, solve problems and give solutions with the support of the supervisor or of positions with more experience in the area.
  • To act as primary liaison with the Sponsor/Client in order to ensure correct communication, make more efficient the activities flow and duly comply with the requirements of the project.
  • To identify the needs of the project and, considering the terms, to implement the requirements from the client and manage priorities and daily labor activities.
  • To prepare and/or review the documentation of processes. To take part in the standardization of tools and documents applicable to the management of projects in the region.
  • To take part and/or review the Working Instructions at the start up of projects.
  • To verify that services budgeted and hired in each project are acknowledged for invoicing. To take part in the review of financial reports of projects together with areas of operations and finance. To perform the follow up together with the Department of Finance to review contracts and problems related to invoicing.
  • To take part in logistic and financial predictions on the development of active projects and new projects to be commenced in the region. To supply and analyze metrics for projects.
  • To take part in working teams related to the project with local and foreign clients, to participate in meetings to review the requirements of the study, analyze the study, discuss logistic problems, bring support on Latin America regulations and analyze doubts from the client.
  • To monitor and control services offered to the client in accordance with the provisions of each project. To verify that inventory reports, tracks of shipment, general activities and performance metrics are given to the Sponsor as required. To organize frequent meetings with the project team for updates or adjustments.
  • To ensure that the tasks are performed in accordance with standard procedures, policies and rules, all in compliance with quality and the terms agreed upon.
  • To prepare and train the Project team and Operations in accordance with the project needs.

** Attributes:**

Proactive to propose new activities and to solve problems, flexible and with predisposed attitude, organized, committed. Client-oriented and client-service attitude.

Teamwork, interpersonal relationship and Leadership skills.

Capable of following directives, of dealing with multiple tasks and timing.

Excellent in communication. Oriented to Proven negotiation capacity and confident to take decisions.

** Requirements/Qualifications:**

  • Up to 2/3 years of experience in Clinical trials
  • Intermediate advanced oral and written English level.
  • Professional from areas of health, logistics operations, management.
  • Up to 3/4 years of experience in similar activities in the pharmaceutics industry, CROs or similar logistics companies.
  • Knowledge of Outlook, MS office package and Internet.
  • Experience in Importation is an additional skill desired (not mandatory)
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