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Vaga de Advisory Consultant_186716BR
Dell em Barueri - SP

Descrição da Vaga

Advisory Consultant_186716BR

Why Work at Dell?

Endless challenges and rewards. Opportunities on six continents. A team of colleagues fueled by collaboration. All this, and a company deeply committed to integrity and responsibility.

Do you have a passion for DevOps, Continuous Delivery doing real software engineering at velocity?
* Interested in being an integral part of making DevOps and Continuous Delivery the agile that gets things done for organizations of all sizes? Can you be the navigator in CD/XP teams?
* Would you like to see the results of your hard work improve large scale deployments of massive portfolios for the largest industry leaders?
* EMC is hiring DevOps Architects to lead, develop, coach teams in building continuous delivery based software release pipelines.
* In this role, you will lead teams by example to create self-service, fully automated build infrastructures that reduces friction in the development process and improves the quality of customer application portfolios.
* You will ensure that applications can be continuously released with high levels of confidence while also improving the scalability, reliability, quality and performance of the Continuous Delivery/DevOps build systems.
* Additionally, you will develop and implement software delivery standards, policies, and procedures in collaboration with client teams and partner to prioritize software configuration needs.
* As a DevOps Architect, you are expert at leading teams, demonstrating devops-in-practice, and building and implementing complex continuous delivery tool chains.
* Most importantly, you are passionate about helping our customers learn to build awesome every day, cuz that is just what you do. QualificationsMinimum of 8 years of relevant work experienceYou?re passionate about the craft of software engineeringYou?re still hands-on with building modern bits using CD/CI and toolchainsYou can be a driver or a navigator, and know when to be eachYou get Continuous Delivery and know the difference from CIYou work well within and across teams to deliver high-quality softwareYou are a proven team leader, and know how to evolve cross functional DevOps teams to self-organizationYou have a background in software design patternsYou are a LINUX, LAMP?and .NET aficionado who knows what system administrators, QA and developers need to be able to do to get their jobs done. But you?re not religious about stacksYou love working in cloud APIs, i.e. AWS, Azure, vSphere/vCloud, OpenStackYou have built bridges of automation between Ops and Developers to the amazement and delight of onlookersYou are no stranger to distributed systems and messagingYou can articulate and debate software architectural decisions and the resulting tradeoffs across cost, performance, reliability, and other factors.You have experience building software in a high-level programming languageYou have familiarity with build automation tools, including but not limited to autoconf, automake, make, cmake, lein, grunt, rake, antYou are familiar with Distributed and Centralized Version Control, issue trackers, mailing lists, IRC and the other common tools among open-source users and developersYou believe that the only way to go fast is to go well and regularly consider performance and portability issues, can recognize when refactoring is necessary, and generally care about the details of the craftYou understand how great software is designed, built, delivered, and maintained, and care passionately about delivering an excellent user experienceYou use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problemsYou get Continuous Delivery and know that we live on main branch. You?ve read the bookYou can have contact with others (face-to-face, by telephone, virtual meetings, VOIP or otherwise) and the ability to work and interact in a distributed group or teamProgramming skills (Java, Ruby, Python, etc.)Large scale infrastructure automation experienceExperience with Puppet, Chef, Ansible or other configuration management toolsExperience with Jenkin/Hudson or other CI toolsExperience with scripting languages like Perl, Powershell, and BashExperience working with version control/repos, i.e. Git, Subversion, Artifactory or NexusExperience with test driven development, testing tools and frameworks like JUnitKnowledge of data center management, systems management, and monitoring, networking & securityExperience working in a professional services or other client facing role preferredExperience in automating: LAMP stacks, Microsoft stacks, WebSphere, WebLogic

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  • Há 14 dias

    Ótima empresa para desenvolvimento profissional, porém com oportunidades na equipes de gestão comercial.

    Inside Sales Representative IIEx-funcionário, saiu em 2014

    Eldorado do Sul, RS

    Prós: Carreira, treinamentos, organização estrutural e clima organizacional são os principais pontos positivos da empresa, na minha opinião. Definição de objetivos e metas, são bem definidos.

    Contras: As escolhas de gestores nem sempre são baseadas nos princípios de competência. Muitas vezes, estas se definem por relacionamento, a partir de convívios entre colegas, fora da instituição. Em geral as metas dos times comerciais são bem agressivas e nem sempre seguem a realidade de economia do mercado local.

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim

  • Há 19 dias

    Vale a pena a experiência

    EstagiárioEx-funcionário, saiu em 2016

    Porto Alegre, RS

    Prós: Reconhecimento proporcionado pelo crescimento dentro da empresa e as ações de endomarketing focadas em fazer com que o colaborador vista a camisa da empresa

    Contras: Engessada em muitos processos e muito resistente a mudanças, utiliza um modelo de gestão vertical que julgo muito autoritário para um empresa de tecnologia

    Recomenda a empresa: Sim