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Empresa Salário Localização
Pipefy - Estagiário R$ 1.136 Brasil
Pipefy - Analista Comercial R$ 2.616 Brasil
Pipefy - SDR R$ 2.500 Brasil
Pipefy - Desenvolvedor Sênior R$ 9.750 Brasil
Pipefy - Desenvolvedor de Software Full Stack R$ 10.940 Brasil
Pipefy - Programador R$ 10.500 Brasil
Pipefy - Desenvolvedor Fullstack R$ 10.300 Brasil
Pipefy - Head of Marketing R$ 8.000 Brasil
Pipefy - Lider de Time R$ 7.900 Brasil
Pipefy - HR R$ 5.000 Brasil
Pipefy - Team Leader R$ 4.100 Brasil
Pipefy - RH R$ 4.000 Brasil
Pipefy - Customer Success Manager R$ 3.900 Brasil
Pipefy - Vendedor Comercial R$ 3.500 Brasil
Pipefy - Executivo de Contas R$ 3.025 Brasil

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Último salário postado - 15/02/2019
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Descrição:We are a people-first company because nothing matters more than the #HoneyBadgers (how we call ourselves) that work at our company and those impacted by our product.

We are driven by the challenge of creating a global and impactfully innovative product within an inspiring, trustable and high-performance environment. We are writing this story together, allowing our people to go further and reach their own big dream.

Pipefy is the Lean process and workflow management platform that enables managers to streamline their operations without relying on technical resources.

Pipefy was founded in 2015 by Alessio Alionço, who had experienced deep frustration with the inflexibility, poor user experience, and cost of the tools available for ensuring process execution while combining the business operations of two companies.

Since then, the platform has grown rapidly, fueled by an intense market desire for better solutions to manage business processes and automation. Pipefy is now used in over 150 countries by leading enterprises such as Accenture, Ambev, IBM, Santander, and Unilever.