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Empresa Salário Localização
G4 Global Partners - Recruiter R$ 3.787 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Talent Acquisition R$ 3.441 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Estagiário R$ 1.390 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Coordenador de Recrutamento e Seleção R$ 7.997 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Consultor de Recrutamento R$ 5.000 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Business Development R$ 4.632 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Manager R$ 4.500 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Human Resources R$ 4.000 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Analista de Recursos Humanos (RH) R$ 3.912 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Analista de Recursos Humanos (RH) Pleno R$ 3.809 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Analista de Recursos Humanos R$ 3.700 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Analista de Recrutamento e Seleção R$ 2.954 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Researcher R$ 2.188 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Recrutador R$ 2.188 Brasil
G4 Global Partners - Intern R$ 1.750 Brasil

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Último salário postado - 12/10/2018
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Informações da empresa

G4 Global Partners

Descrição:G4 Global Partners is a global recruitment firm committed to find the most successful talents to our clients. Developing a strong interface between our operations, we deliver global solutions with a local approach.

We have a multicultural team specialized in recruiting board members, top and middle management roles, delivering market mappings and performing assessment projects. Our global network and expertise in recruitment give us access to the world’s top professionals. Moreover, our recruiters are also consultants and, therefore, provide valuable insights to assertive selection processes and career succession plans.

We have established our footprint in 45+ countries - including 150+ cities around the globe - and we pride ourselves in working with precision and knowledge in an array of industries. Independently of the country our clients are hiring for, we offer a customized service and maintain a close relationship with them. It is our goal to nurture long-term relationships with our clients and candidates.